PM Modi at Dwarka on February 25 : Prime Minister Modi performed his puja by diving into the Arabian Sea with devotion and indomitable courage

Prime Minister Narendra Modi went deep into the ocean to see the city of Lord Krishna at Dwarka

Prime Minister Narendra Modi immersed himself in the sea water at Dwarka, the Leela Bhumi of Sri Krishna, and offered darshan and worship. The Prime Minister performed his puja full of devotion in the mythical city of Dwarka, himself saying that the submerged city of Dwarka helped him experience the ancient spiritual glory.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi took a dip in the Arabian Sea in Gujarat on Sunday, wearing an saffron clothing, with a peacock feather tied around his waist. He himself says his feelings are heavenly. May Lord Krishna bless us all.

Tourists go scuba diving in Dwarka to see the ruins of the ancient city, Prime Minister Modi also dives in, wearing scuba diver’s gear. He also worshiped by going under the water.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi went deep into the ocean to see the city of Lord Krishna at Dwarka in Gujarat. Modi also worshiped Lord Dwarkadhish at Bet Dwarka. He then inaugurated the Sudarshan Bridge connecting Okha to Beyt Dwarka. He then inaugurated and laid foundation stones of various projects. He says I went to sea and visited Dwarka ji. He realized the divinity of Dwarkadhish. It is my privilege to inaugurate the Sudarshan Setu. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, today I have the privilege of inaugurating Sudarshan Setu.

PM Modi Visited Beyt Dwarka Temple
Earlier, PM Modi prayed at Dwarkadhish temple. The Prime Minister also visited the Beyt Dwarka temple and performed puja there. Sudarshan setu, adorned with hymns from the Sri Bhagwat Gita and adorned with images of Lord Shree Krishna on both sides, this bridge boasts footpaths and a unique design. Stretching an impressive 2.32 km, it stands as the longest cable-stayed bridge in the nation, marking a pioneering feat in its construction. Featuring a four-lane road, it also harnesses solar energy through installed panels, generating a notable 1 MW of power.

This bridge is a vital link for Beyt Dwarka, eliminating the reliance on boats for transportation that plagued earlier visitors. With its inauguration, the aspirations for Punyabhoomi Dwarka to ascend to prominence on the tourism circuit are high. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, in 2017, laid the foundation stone for this project, fulfilling his promise of connecting the two Dwarkas, thus marking a significant milestone.

PM Modi took a dip in the waters of Dwarka
PM Modi took a dip in the waters of Dwarka and offered prayers at the submerged site of the ancient city. Sharing these moments on his social media platforms, PM Modi said that Praying amidst the submerged city of Dwarka was a deeply divine experience, evoking a deep connection with the era of spiritual grandeur and timeless devotion to Lord Shri Krishna. May Lord Shri Krishna bless us, PM also offered peacock feathers into the sea during this holy occasion.

Submerged beneath the waves, PM Modi engaged in prayer and seated himself in meditation, cross-legged on the sea floor, assisted by Navy divers. Reflecting on the experience, he remarked, “For me, it was a matter of faith more than mere courage.”