Party released list of BJP candidates ahead of 2024 elections.

PM Modi to Contest from Varanasi, Amit Shah from Gandhinagar; first list of BJP candidates can change the political equation!

Party released list of BJP candidates ahead of 2024 elections. In a strategic move reminiscent of its successful approach in recent state assembly polls, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has made a significant splash by revealing more than one-third of its candidate lineup well ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The party’s initial list, comprising 195 candidates, carries the heavyweight name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will seek mandate for the third time from his constituency, Varanasi. ¬†Alongside him, Rajnath Singh will contest from Lucknow, while Amit Shah will seek the mandate from Gandhinagar.

Traditionally, the BJP tends to introduce significant changes in its candidate lineup. However, this time, alterations seem conspicuous mainly in states where new opposition alliances have emerged or where substantial anti-incumbency sentiments prevail.

Electoral Targets:

With an eye on the 400-seat mark, the BJP candidates  selection process has been meticulous, aiming to surpass the 370-seat threshold for the party and achieve 400 seats collectively with the NDA alliance. The BJP candidates selection followed extensive deliberations at both local and central levels, with Prime Minister Modi and party president Naddaji overseeing the process.

BJP candidates
BJP candidates list Picture Courtesy - ABP & PTI

State-wise Candidate Selection:

During the recent Central Election Committee meeting, BJP National General Secretary Vinod Tawde provided insights into the candidate selection process. The first list encompasses candidates Lok Sabha constituencies from 16 states, including Uttar Pradesh (51 out of 80 seats), West Bengal (20 out of 42 seats), Madhya Pradesh (24 out of 29 seats), Gujarat (15 out of 26 seats), Kerala (12 out of 21 seats), Telangana (9 out of 17 seats), Assam (14 seats), Jharkhand (11 out of 14 seats), Chhattisgarh (all 11 seats), Delhi (5 out of 7 seats), Jammu and Kashmir (2 out of 6 seats), Uttarakhand (3 out of 5 seats), Arunachal Pradesh (2 out of 5 seats), Tripura (1 out of 2 seats), and single seats from Daman Diu and Andaman Nicobar.

Prominent figures featured in the BJP candidates list include seasoned politicians such as former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, and former Chief Minister of Tripura, Biplab Dev. Additionally, Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav, presently serving in the Rajya Sabha, has been nominated to contest from Alwar in Rajasthan.

Mansukh Mandaviya is poised to represent Porbandar in Gujarat, while Rajeev Chandrasekhar will champion the party’s cause in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala against veteran Shashi Tharoor. Furthermore, the list reaffirms Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla’s candidacy from Kota.

Strategic Moves and Alliances:

In a bid to bolster its prospects, the party has strategically nominated BJP candidates like Shri Anil Antony, son of veteran Congress leader AK Antony, and Union Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar against Shashi Tharoor in contest in Kerala. Additionally, former Congress stalwart Geeta Koda, now with the BJP, will contest from Singhbhum.

Candidates in 5 out of 7 seats in Delhi announced:

Except for Manoj Tiwari, the remaining four candidates are fresh faces, reflecting the party’s endeavor to incorporate diverse representation, including gender and caste considerations. The list boasts 34 women, 27 Scheduled Caste, 18 Scheduled Tribe, and 57 Other Backward Class candidates. In line with the aspirations of the youth to pursue the dreams of a Vikshit Bharat, the party has fielded 50 candidates under the age of 47.

Adapting to Changing Dynamics:

In response to evolving political landscapes, the BJP has made tactical adjustments, particularly in states like Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, where several MPs contested in assembly elections. The party has introduced four new faces out of the five candidates revealed thus far.

As the countdown to the Lok Sabha elections begins, the BJP candidates list signals its intent to secure a resounding victory, navigating through intricate political terrains and harnessing the power of strategic alliances and fresh faces to realize its electoral aspirations.