Mushir Khan made 200 runs, After the great performance of elder brother Sarfraz.

Ranji Trophy 2024: Ranji Trophy 2024 saw the emergence of yet another cricketing talent in the form of Mushir Khan

2024’s Ranji Trophy saw the emergence of yet another cricketing talent in the form of Mushir Khan, younger brother to Sarfraz Khan, who recently made waves in his international debut against England. Following his stellar performance in the U-19 World Cup, Mushir continued to impress in the domestic circuit.

Sarfraz Khan, who made his international debut in the third Test against England, grabbed the headlines with half-centuries in both his first Test innings. His brother Mushir Khan, after his stellar performance in the U-19 World Cup, has been doing wonders in the Ranji Trophy as well.

Indian team member Sarfaraz’s brother Mushir Khan scored a double century in the 2024 Ranji Trophy quarter final match. Mushir scored an unbeaten 203 with the help of 18 fours.

The proud father of his elder son must have felt proud of his younger son again on Friday. Couldn’t hold back the tears after his elder son’s Test debut in Rajkot last week and is now proud of his younger son Mushir Khan’s brilliant performance. Mushir Khan scored a double century in first class cricket today. Only 18-year-old Mushir was playing the 4th first-class match of his life, the opposing team Baroda was playing in Mushir Khan’s own home ground. The game was a Ranji Trophy quarter-final match.

In a challenging situation where Mumbai found themselves struggling at 90 for 4, with key players injured or absent, Mushir stepped up to the occasion. With the pitch offering turn and bounce, and the team in dire need of stability, Mushir’s composed innings proved crucial. His ability to adapt, showcased through patience and strategic shot selection, underscored his maturity as a batsman.

Having excelled in the U-19 World Cup with two centuries, Mushir’s transition to the senior level was marked by a display of composure and determination. His focus on playing each ball on its merit and building partnerships underscored his cricketing acumen.

In the quarter final match of 2024 Ranji Trophy, Mushir Khan did a wonderful job by scoring a double century. Played a brilliant innings of 203 not out with 18 fours against Baroda. Mushir’s double century saw Mumbai score a mighty 384 runs.

Mushir said after the game, That’s why Abbu makes us practice with the red ball every time. Baroda spinner Bhargava Bhatt leading with other spinners, taking advantage of the wetness of the pitch, Mushir knows he needs to be tougher.

He takes his time to work on strategy and not to play big shots. Elder brother sarfarz’s style of play is quite aggressive, Mushir can also score runs quite quickly, he even hit 8 sixes in Under 19 World Cup. 

Talking about shot selection, Mushir said “I rely on my defence. I knew if I defended and batted straight, it would be easier to stay at the crease.

Mushir has understood well that patience pays off, after stopping for a long time at 96 runs, he crossed the hundred run mark with a single run at the backward square leg.

Mushir also said that I told my partner about batting all day. Whether it’s a century or double century, you can be fooled on such a uncertain wicket, it’s not easy to play on this pitch. Some balls will spin some will not spin and will come straight. You can only hit boundaries when you get balls to hit, so waiting and taking singles to move the scoreboard forward is the main task.  

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Tamare was a bit shaky at first but managed to control everything with his good defense. We plan to bat throughout the day and start with a target of 5/6 runs instead of big hits.

There was an idea to play 90 overs, it was all about staying on the pitch (our coach Salvi Sir said we have to bat the entire 90 overs).

In three matches last season, the highest score was 42, a step up without much thought of distance.

Because of the younger age, it happened, the desire to prove was more. It has to be learned from, Mushir has learned.

Mushir said that last time I was thinking too far ahead.”The pressure was high in the opening matches. Now I don’t think too much and play my game as the ball goes.”

“I don’t think much, all focus is on my normal game. If I don’t get out early, my aim will be to score big from the pitch for a long time.

Recently returned from the Under 19 World Cup in South Africa, with a batting average of 60 and a strike rate close to 100. It was a white ball game, he had to shoulder the responsibility of scoring quick runs, but this situation was completely different, he had to test his responsibility. Mushir batted strongly in the 2024 U-19 World Cup. The Indian team reached the final thanks to Mushir’s brilliant performance. However, in the last match, Team India had to face defeat to Australia.

What more can a father expect from his two sons than to see them succeed. Naushad was sitting on a bench outside the field waiting to meet his son. Naushad was tired of traveling constantly, be it to Hyderabad for awards or his Test debut in Rajkot or visiting his home in Uttar Pradesh when he had time. But at the end of the day his dream, hard work is turning into success today, the whole country is proud of the boys, this is the dream that Naushad has seen for so long.